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Rock Bouncing through my eyes

December 15, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

. IMG_7559IMG_7559 Four years ago I was asked to come to an Off-road park in Northern Kentucky to do some photography work. I had quads all of my life and done my fare share of riding and even dabbled in the race scene for a while. I had also seen my share of jeeps and crawlers, but what I was about to experience that day was going to change the way I viewed off-roading forever! As a friend and I set up Go Pros on a couple jeeps, in came the first Rock Bouncer I had ever laid eyes on. A crude mess of bent red tubing setting on huge mud tires owned by Dean Lickliter. I forgot all about the jeeps and followed them to there unloading spot, as I watched him fire that thing up to unload. I was hooked!!

 Dean and I connected on Facebook later on and it opened up a whole new world that I couldn't believe I had been missing out on. The world of Rock Bouncing. I followed the sport for several years catching every event I could on YouTube. I couldn't wait to catch the newest video from Madram11, HighOctane, or BustedKnucle Films. I keep up with the SRRS (Southern Rock Racing Series) like there was no tomorrow, When I learned the series was coming to the Dirty Turtle Offroad Park in Bedford Kentucky, not 15 minutes from my home this Spring. I had to go and watch, in person! I'm a photographer, I document things, I couldn't just go and watch, I had to be on the hills and Photograph them. I contacted someone at Dirty Turtle and told them I was a local photographer and A huge fan of the SRRS. They gave me permission and put me in contact with Clyde Bynum the organizer of the Southern Rock Racing Series.

The first buggy that ran that day was RumRunner driven by Scott Goforth of Goforth Tires. That Buggy screamed by me not 5 feet away, as the power from the built motor vibrated my heart and the sweet smell of race fuel pierced my senses I knew at that moment that this was the next Nascar, this was the next big thing in Extreme sports and I had to be apart of it! I Also knew that after years of trying to find my nitch in photography this was it. I ended up photographing several races this year, Traveled to several different Off-road parks, and done a couple different race series. The Off-road community is undoubtedly the friendliest group of people I've ever meet. (I could list people all night long, but I will spare the extremely long list) I'm Proud to be apart of it no matter how small of a part it may be. I just hope that my photographs can show some of the passion and intensity that this sport has to offer. Enjoy the Photos below, and the Off-road Galleries on this site! 

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